The urge after the perfect face, an flawless body and silky smooth skin requires, that every picture need to be digitally retouched before getting published.

Whatever the photographer has overlooked when taking the shot, the Makeup-Artist could not correct, the conditions at the set didn't permit or just normal glamour-retouchings - "Looks-Perfect" will do these retouchings for you.

What we offer:

  • high end scans
  • digital retouching
  • digital composing
  • perspective corrections
  • working with calibarted monitors, scanners and printers

There are no general prices for a digital retouching. The costs depends on the quality of the original image, the desired output size, the print medium (printing screen) and the requirements of the client.

Prices and offers can therefore only be provided after viewing the original image and the requirements of the art director.